Discover new thinking and experimental evidence on the fundamental drivers of consumer behavior.

Examining Extremes

Cyrus McCandless Ph.D.

Dr. Cyrus H. McCandless, VP of Scientific Discovery & Innovation describes how parametric studies can tell us how much things can actually change in response to extreme situations.

The Systematic Measurement of Emotionally Expressive Behavior

Aaron Reid, Ph.D. & Cyrus McCandless Ph.D.

With the advent of valid, sensitive and reliable automated emotional expression coding technology, marketing research and insights finds itself in the unique position to advance human understanding of emotion.

Emotion as a Tradeable Quantity

Aaron Reid, Ph.D. & Claudia Gonzalez-Vallejo, Ph.D.

This foundational publication details our original experimental work and demonstrates how psychophysiological measurement of emotional arousal can be combined with cognitive trade-off to better predict preferences.

Emotion and Rationality: Consumer Hot-State Decision Making

Aaron Reid, Ph.D. & Maria Aroxie Perille

Understand the “why’s” behind consumer hot-state decision making, and in doing so, better arming managers with insights that lead to more effective short-term marketing without sacrificing the long-term customer relationship.

Can advertising help reduce implicit bias?
Article: NMSBA Neuromarketing Network
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Is it Implicit?

Aaron Reid, Ph.D.

Get exposed to the knowledge coming out of the Sentient Consumer Subconscious Research Lab providing practical industry definition of implicit research techniques, detail the best use cases for each technique, and demonstrates how combining implicit and explicit measures in a single model more accurately forecasts consumer behavior.

In Defense of Marketing

Aaron Reid, Ph.D. & Stephanie Halgren

Explore the nature and ethics of conscious and subconscious marketing tactics, details how subconscious marketing influences behavior through the automatic activation of values and goals, and discusses why we should embrace marketing as the spice of our lives rather than relegate it to the depths of the dangerous and deceptive.

An Interview With Dr. Aaron Reid: Implicit Research, Emotion & More
Article: Universal Wilde
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The Sentient 26 Emotional Taxonomy

Aaron Reid, Ph.D.

Sentient has developed an emotional taxonomy that goes beyond the seven basic emotions to characterize 26 distinct emotions that directly impact consumer behavior. This white paper describes the attributes of each to help market researchers learn how emotions interact with reason to determine consumer choice.

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