Sentient Expression® leverages respondents’ webcams, making it a globally-scaled, efficient platform for investigating natural responses to your media.


Gain better insight with emotional intelligence.

Facial action coding is an indirect measure that reveals the net positive percentage of consumers expressing an emotional response at any given second during the exposure to an ad. Sentient Expression® allows you to discover moment by moment emotional responses to maximize advertising effectiveness with an easy to use platform..

Sentient Expression makes it easy to measure emotion.

Platform Features

  • Capture moment by moment expression of emotions like happiness, sadness, confusion, disgust, fear, surprise & contempt

  • See how engaged your viewers are, and where you’re losing them

  • Filter your data for insight into key respondent segments

  • Reveal positive and negative emotional responses, overall engagement, and valence

  • Results ready in minutes, not hours or days

  • Easy integration with the world’s most advanced Implicit Association research platform, Sentient Prime®, to discover the why behind emotions

  • More accurate detection of emotions with validation by multiple emotion AIs

  • No plugins or downloads, for a frictionless respondent experience

  • Compatible with PC, Mac and all popular internet browsers

Facial Coding with Proven Reliability

Sentient Expression is trusted by fortune 100 brands around the globe to measure ad performance. Sentient’s AI leverages most any laptop or desktop web camera making it easily scaled and an efficient way for examining insights on changes in affect across the timecourse of content.

Automation Enables Rapid Behavioral Insights for Real Business Impact

Diageo was able to avoid messaging mistakes to develop meaningful content by automating behavioral science to uncover the true impact of claims. Here are a few key takeaways we were able to learn from implictly testing messages for their brand Johnnie Walker.

"Why do I continue to believe in this? Because some of the stuff we have done has actually shown us aha moments that we wouldn't have got if he had just done them through typical explicit research methodologies."

Jason Chebib VP Consumer Planning of Diageo

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