Industry presentations on the knowledge of human decision making.

Emotion Quantified

Multiple times each year, behavioral scientists from the Sentient Consumer Subconscious Research Lab present new evidence on human decision making. Below are some recent presentations of our work from our lab.

Key Insights for Ad Effectiveness

This 2019 Greenbook webinar deck shares meta-learnings from years of scientific research into the emotional drivers of consumer decision making. Presenated by Aaron Reid, Ph.D. Founder & CEO reveals critical insights that show how brands can avoid failures and improve ad performance. Access Greenbook webinar recording.

From the Mind to the Bottom Line

Within this deck Aaron Reid, Ph.D. Founder & CEO of Sentient shows how emotion leads to profit and reviews the benefits of incorporating behavioral science in ad research. Presented at the Evanta Southern California CMO Executive Summit in 2018. Watch the CMO Summit.

Insights With Impact

This presenation from IIeX Behavior 2018 reveals key learnings from the automation of behavioral science. Presenated by Aaron Reid, Ph.D. Founder & CEO of Sentient and Jason Chebib, VP Insights, Diageo. Watch the IIeX Behavior presenation.

Beyond Pass or Fail

Sentient presents at IIeX North America 2019 in Austin, Texas
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Research Publications

Researchers interested in industry and academic papers on behavioral science for business should visit our publications area.

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