Emotions Drive Decisions

That's Why We Measure Them.
We provide brands around the globe with a predictive edge by combining implicit and explicit research methods proven to unlock behavior.
Sentient Decision Science is a globally recognized pioneer in the automation of behavioral science, the development of advanced implicit research technology and the first to validate an emotion and reason-based combined model of consumer decision making.
Sentient is comprised of people passionate about the application of behavioral science to business, including psychologists; neuroscientists; consumer, shopper and innovation insights leaders; market researchers; statisticians; brand experts, and marketing professionals.
Sentient Decision Science has developed patent-pending, cloud based, globally scalable implicit research technologies that quantifies consumer emotions and neural network associations with brands, products, packaging and advertising.
This technology was recognized with the EXPLOR award in 2011 as the most impactful application of technology in market research. Sentient also was awarded the 2018 EXPLOR award for its innovative research in validating soundscapes for a fleet of Nissan electric vehicles using implicit methods. By quantifying these gut-feelings, and integrating with rational trade-offs in a single unifying choice algorithm, consumer behavior predictions are significantly more accurate.
Our technologies are coupled with deep knowledge of behavioral economics, the essence of emotional branding, and quantitative models of the drivers of human behavior to provide deep insight and actionable results for our clients.
Sentient solves business issues that cannot be measured via self-reported surveys.
  • Where there is little functional differentiation, identifies intangible & irrational drivers of brand preference.
  • Measuring the impact of non-verbal communication, cues (i.e., package design, sensory, multimedia).
  • Quantifying the emotional appeal of marketing & design efforts when rational distinctions are minor.
  • Capturing honest response in situations where respondents may pretend to know more, or less than what they will report.


The automation of behavioral science gives insight professionals the luxury of Sentience. The more we automate the greater our capacity for empathizing with the human condition.



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