At Sentient Decision Science, we believe that if you are not measuring emotion, you’re not getting the whole truth.

Values That Drive Results

We practice a core set of values that are the key to achieving our mission and vision. Values that guide all our decisions, our strategic direction for the company and that challenge each other to reach new heights.


Emotionally and intellectually engaged in our work that seeks to reveal truths and what is hidden.


Creative genius is nurtured for the future success of our business


Inspiring action for all our clients and providing inspiration for each other.


Celebrating and motivating the growth of the brilliance in each of us.
Staying true to these values enables us to achieve our mission of becoming the most sought-after resource for behavioral insight while providing the foundation for a business that will flourish as we reach the true professional potential in all of us.

We Believe Emotions Drive Decisions

It makes sense that emotion is the primary goal of most marketing & design efforts and why it doesn’t make sense to just ask what people think. We know emotion must be part of the equation to get to the truth. We are not alone in our beliefs as *18% of companies are using non-conscious measurement techniques today.

Confronting The Issues Facing Market Research


Market researchers have long known that consumers often won’t tell you the true drivers of their behavior for fear of social embarrassment.


Advances in behavioral science has revealed that consumers often don’t have conscious access to the true drivers of their behavior.

We believe the automation of behavioral science gives insight professionals the luxury of Sentience. The more we automate the greater our capacity for empathizing with the human condition.

*Q1-Q2 2016 GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report

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