Emotions Drive Decisions

That's Why We Measure Them.
We provide brands around the globe with a predictive edge by combining implicit and explicit research methods proven to unlock behavior.

We Harness the Power of Emotional Insights

Sentient Decision Science is a globally recognized pioneer in the automation of behavioral science. Providing businesses a competitive advantage through uncovering the emotions that drive consumer decision making.

How can implicit research help you?

BRAND RESEARCH MANAGERS Strengthen your research projects.


MRX FIRMS Give clients a real predictive WOW.


Behavioral Scientists For advanced implicit measures.

Success Depends on Emotional Engagement and Influence

Sentient uses Subtext to reveal moment by moment attention and emotion using scaled eye-tracking and facial coding technologies. We uncovered a winning combination of emotional engagement and influence contained in this successfull movie trailer story.

Validate Production Costs with Subconscious Measures

Sentient Decision Science worked with Hershey’s to validate production costs for new ad campaigns. A combination of emotional measurements made it easier to make strategic decisions on which campaigns were most effective.

Our Implicit Impact

Sentient Decision Science is making an impact on the MRX industry. Learn about our research and the success stories we share with our clients from around the globe.


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Automation Enables Rapid Behavioral Insights for Real Business Impact Johnnie Walker

Diageo was able to avoid messaging mistakes to develop meaningful content by automating behavioral s [...]

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The Sounds of Safety

By Sarah McCannOctober 8, 2019It feels good to be recognized. As ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Market Research) held its annual congress last month, Director General Finn Raben Picked Sentient’s award winning research on “The Sound of the...

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