Sentient Insights Platform products combine facial action coding, eye tracking with implicit technology to reveal the relationship between moments of emotional experience and subsequent change in the non-conscious minds of consumers.

We Harness the Power of Emotional Insights

Sentient Decision Science is a globally recognized pioneer in the automation of behavioral science. Providing businesses with a competitive advantage through uncovering the emotions that drive consumer decision making.

How can implicit research help you?

BRAND RESEARCH MANAGERS Strengthen your research projects.


MRX FIRMS Give clients a real predictive WOW.


Behavioral Scientists For advanced implicit measures.

Avoid Brand Damage with RAPID Subtext

RAPID Subtext is a fast, affordable ad testing tool that reveals how the emotional experience of your marketing is related to change in implicit perceptions of your brand, helping you diagnose problems and avoid costly mistakes.


Emotional Intelligence on the Presidential Election

Sentient is tracking the 2024 presidential election using our patented implicit technology. Analyzing popular campaign advertisements, the Implicit Emotional Appeal of key candidates week over week, and determining the priorities of the public uncovers a greater understanding of voter behavior than traditional political polling provides.

What’s in a Frame?

The lab looks at evidence from the first 2020 presidential debate that suggests that the mere frame of the same information can have a significant effect on the emotional experience and expression of that experience.

Why Sonic Brands Need to Adapt to Our Moods

Made Music and Sentient Decision Science set out to investigate whether the current culture in the U.S. has impacted how brands are perceived, and to determine whether brands’ sonic signatures are helping or hindering that perception.

"The emotional impact of sonic identities are not static, and it is incumbent on brands to continually monitor and reassess their impact."

The Emotional Impact of COVID-19 on Social Gathering.

This experiment measures the subconscious associations towards safety or danger on the number of people dining at tables. The information is intended to help provide insights into our real comfort level being in larger groups as we experience these changes due to the pandemic.

"The lab looks into the emotional impact of COVID-19 on our comfort level with gathering in large groups. This ongoing study is powered by Sentient Prime the scientifically valid and patented implicit association technology."

How the Time of a Brand on Screen Impacts Memory

It might not be surprising to us that to increase memory of the brand you need to expose the logo more. But for how long exactly? It's important for us to understand just how brand exposure within ads really impacts our ability to recall what we saw.
Our Impact Picture

Leveraging Science to Uncover Natural Response to Sounds

It was important to Nissan that people intuitively and distinctly identify with what each sound means for their LEAF® line of electric vehicles. The team at Sentient teamed up with Man Made Music to identify the right soundscape for Nissan using automated implicit research techniques.

"SonicPulse® Research was exactly what we needed to evaluate the sound on many levels — Brand Fit, Intuitive Meaning and most importantly, Instinctive Pedestrian Safety. This sophisticated approach to research gave use confidence in our decisions. "

Nic Thomas the GM Global Director, Nissan Electric Vehicles

Quantifying Emotions on a Grand Scale

Facebook approached Sentient Decision Science to help validate subconscious measures. A large scale study was conducted using many of our implicit methods for measuring emotion in advertising. The results proved our methods were very relatable for large scale testing. Providing Facebook the confidence to leverage new tools for predicting ad impact.

"We are incredibly grateful to have Sentient working with us, ensuring that we are designing the most impactful tests for our research questions. We’re really grateful to Sentient for their reliability tests, making us confident in a much larger study with them."

Julia Trabulsi from Facebook at #Nmwf.

Our Implicit Impact

Sentient Decision Science is making an impact on the MRX industry. Learn about our research and the success stories we share with our clients from around the globe.


Emotional Intelligence on the Presidential Election Sentient Consumer Subconscious Research Lab

Sentient is tracking the 2024 presidential election using our patented implicit technology. Analyzin [...]

What’s in a Frame? Sentient Consumer Subconscious Research Lab

The lab looks at evidence from the first 2020 presidential debate that suggests that the mere frame [...]


Determining the Efficacy of an Attack Ad Using Emotion AI

Determining the Efficacy of an Attack Ad Using Emotion AI

Within the political sphere, it isn’t always Democrats versus Republicans. Political parties can also have internal disagreements that lead to discord among candidates. The nature of political campaigns is to emphasize the value of a target candidate;...

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