Applying Behavioral Science for Business Advantage

We are a behavioral science based research, technology, and consulting firm with core expertise in making insights from the behavioral sciences practical and accessible for businesses looking for a competitive advantage.

Market Research

Sentient market research services deliver deeper insight and more accurate forecasts based on the most advanced behavioral science methods.

The Proportion of Emotion Model™ quantifies the impact of emotion on choice, revealing the implicit interactions between reason and emotion to help you make better business decisions.

Market Research

Brand Consulting

Sentient Brand Consulting translates the latest advances in Behavioral Science into effective Brand Strategies. By understanding how consumers make choices, we provide commercial brand consulting that is based on foundational human truths.

Students of our techniques include 10 current Fortune 500 CMOs, hundreds of marketing executives, and scores of brands including David Ogilvy and Cannes Lion Award winners.

Brand Consulting

Sentient Technologies

Sentient Technologies develops non-conscious research tools that use the latest advances in technology coupled with validated scientific methods of measuring the consumer subconscious.

These include Sentient Prime® implicit research technology, the world’s leading research tool for measuring subconscious associations with brands, products, packaging and advertising.

Some of our Clients

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