Leveraging Science to Uncover Natural Response to Sounds

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The team at Sentient worked closely with Made Music Studio to help develop their SonicPulse® Research product that quantifies the impact of sound on people’s subconscious emotional responses. Our companies together were perfect for identifying the right soundscape for Nissan’s new line of electrical vehicles.

In order to choose the right sounds we had to follow these important objectives:

  • Isolate sub-conscious, automatic response to sounds like speeding up, slowing down or backing up
  • Test soundscapes in full visual context
  • Results not subject to cultural or linguistic bias

"SonicPulse® Research was exactly what we needed to evaluate the sound on many levels — Brand Fit, Intuitive Meaning and most importantly, Instinctive Pedestrian Safety. This sophisticated approach to research gave use confidence in our decisions. "

Nic Thomas the GM Global Director, Nissan Electric Vehicles
Implicit techniques were perfect to uncover how effective is each sound at drawing attention to vehicle movements. Measuring the ability for people to intuitively and distinctly identify what each sound means and how the sounds make us feel. We also used implicit measures to uncover if the soundscape fits with Nissan’s EV brand attributes.
Nissan sonic results.



Nissan sonic results.
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We combined eye tracking using engineered sounds layered into ambient soundtracks synced with video. We used Sentient Prime® Implicit Association Testing platform to accommodate sound Integrated conscious and subconscious data to assess performance and impact.

Award Winning Research

The research for Nissan was awarded the 19th annual EXPLOR Award for innovation. For more information on the award you can visit our blog.


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