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What is Emotion AI?

Emotion AI is artificial intelligence that recognizes and/or responds to human emotional states on the basis of facial expressions, body movements, speech, and other signals in a variety of contexts from media consumption to user experience and device interaction. Sentient Labs has created the leading, globally-scaled Emotion AI platformcombining state-of-the-art real-time detection of emotional response to media with scientifically-sound true implicit measurement technology, and the most comprehensive suite of advanced behavioral measures available, to provide actionable insight and the most reliable predictive modeling of behavioral outcomes in the industry. 

What is Emotion AI uncovering? 

Emotion AI offers access to previously-unavailable insights that every researcher needs—namely, our responses to everyday events as they happen. Our real-time emotional responses are foundational to how we evaluate experiences when looking back on them, how strongly we remember them (and what exactly we remember), and how they shape our thoughts, decisions, and actions in the future. 

The ability to understand responses to media in real time—and without interrupting that experience or relying on the viewer to provide an objective account of it afterward—offers extraordinary insight to creatives seeking a better understanding of how their content is really being experienced by their audience.

Emotion AI Tools

Imagine being able to have real, data-driven answers to questions like these, quickly and efficiently:

Did my audience understand my story? 

Did my characters communicate my narrative as intended?

Did I choose the right people to tell this story, and did I focus on the most meaningful parts of it? 

Did my appeal to the viewer’s sympathy or conscience genuinely affect them?

Did I say something wrong? 

I just want to know whether they got the joke! 

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With the advent of valid, sensitive and reliable automated emotional expression coding technology, marketing research and insights finds itself in the unique position to advance human understanding of emotion.

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