Affirm® uses implicit science to quantify the emotional & often unexpected impact claims have on your business & your brand.

With Affirm you can predict and optimize the impact of product claims on brand choice.

Using science not surveys to reveal consumer preference.

Even rationally constructed- arguments / communication (like product claims) work at an emotional level, and/or influence indirectly.

Information provided at the point of decision can be more effective / efficient than advertising..

How it works.

Since design works at the implicit level, its impact can only accurately be quantified by using true implicit tools and techniques. Affirm® quantifies the impact of package & design cues on implicit perceptions, emotions and choice.

  • Using science to quantify the emotional & often unexpected impact of claims
  • Accurately predicts claim potential through analyzing implicit appeal & emotional preference
  • Uncovering the changes in preference with claims & message
  • Optimizes the impact of product claims

Precision Price Elasticity based on claims.

Affirm delivers clear performance metrics.

Strength of Implicit Personal Connection
Share/Preference Impact by Claim
Impact of Messages on Equity-drivers
Price Elasticity by Claim

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