Affirm® uses implicit science to quantify the emotional & often unexpected impact claims have on your business & your brand.

With Affirm you can predict and optimize the impact of product claims on brand choice.

Using science not surveys to reveal consumer preference.

Even rationally constructed- arguments / communication (like product claims) work at an emotional level, and/or influence indirectly.

Information provided at the point of decision can be more effective / efficient than advertising..

How it works.

Since design works at the implicit level, its impact can only accurately be quantified by using true implicit tools and techniques. Affirm® quantifies the impact of package & design cues on implicit perceptions, emotions and choice.

  • Using science to quantify the emotional & often unexpected impact of claims
  • Accurately predicts claim potential through analyzing implicit appeal & emotional preference
  • Uncovering the changes in preference with claims & message
  • Optimizes the impact of product claims

Precision Price Elasticity based on claims.

Affirm delivers clear performance metrics.

Strength of Implicit Personal Connection
Share/Preference Impact by Claim
Impact of Messages on Equity-drivers
Price Elasticity by Claim

Automation Enables Rapid Behavioral Insights for Real Business Impact

Diageo was able to avoid messaging mistakes to develop meaningful content by automating behavioral science to uncover the true impact of claims. Here are a few key takeaways we were able to learn from implictly testing messages for their brand Johnnie Walker.

"Why do I continue to believe in this? Because some of the stuff we have done has actually shown us aha moments that we wouldn't have got if he had just done them through typical explicit research methodologies."

Jason Chebib VP Consumer Planning of Diageo

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