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Who We Are

As the leading provider of emotional intelligence for organizations, Sentient Decision Science is dedicated to uncovering the drivers of behavior to improve the human condition. Our research uses the most advanced methods and technology available, including patented AI. To learn more about what we do, check out our company page.

We believe the automation of behavioral science gives insight professionals the luxury of Sentience. The more we automate, the greater our capacity for empathizing with the human condition.

1.5B+ measures of subconscious association data

140 countries & 40+ languages

20,000+ ads tested using Emotion AI with real consumers

10+ years, hundreds of thousands of consumer judgements correlated with brand sales data

PoE model captures significant brand influence 2.5X more often than explicit measures

Independently validated by clients in the top 200 advertisers

With the right investor, Sentient can extend our Emotion AI into other applications—offering greater predictive capabilities to market researchers and increasing our value to the industry. Serious investors who want to discuss growth opportunities for Sentient should contact us below.

Contact us for more information about Sentient Decision Science and our groundbreaking research.