eCON® is the only concept test that applies reason and emotion to deliver a more accurate reflection of consumer behavior.

Reveal The Best Concepts.

Survey-based data is fundamentally unreliable because we are all hard-wired to present ourselves rationally. Which is why even the most sophisticated survey methods can’t account for concepts that rely heavily on emotional appeal. With eCON you can be confident to pick the right concept.
eCON provides deeper intelligence with emotional measures that unlock key insights to determine why a concept is successful.

Combines reason AND emotion for more predictive results.

Determines success based on consumer behavior, not category benchmarks.

Delivers with enough precision to measure impact vs. challenger brands.

eCON includes everything you need to uncover success.

eCON uses advanced behavioral science methods proven to optimize and predict the winning claim.
  • Results up to 2x as predictive
  • Measures more of what your marketing is intended to do
  • Quantifies sales potential, incrementality & implicit brand fit
  • Results based on behavior, not benchmarks
  • Enough precision to assess impact against challenger brands

Key metrics that expose real winners.

Market Share
Forecast what business opportunities are available in the market and how to compete.
Accurately measure the lift your advertising spend will have on the conversion rate.
Implicit Brand Fit
Analyze the potential of extending a brand into different categories or partnerships.
Custom Diagnostics
Providing unique competitive insights that shape product strategies.

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