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Determine the Performance and Brand Impact of Social Media Ads Before Launch

Uncover which creative assets will break through, lift appeal for the brand, and drive sales within a social media environment.


How It Works


Achieve Unmatched Ad Performance with Subtext SOCIAL

The Emotion AI Solution for Breaking Through on Social Networks

Platform Overview

Subtext SOCIAL is a leading social media advertisement testing platform that combines System 1 and System 2 measures to determine the effectiveness of an ad in-context. As the ultimate tool for social media ad testing, Subtext SOCIAL works across all major platforms—within feeds, stories, or reels—providing behavioral measures of Engagement and Influence.  


  • Advanced technology allows ad to be placed in the simulated social environment for real-world consumer response
  • All behavioral data captured during ad exposure
  • Using the world’s most advanced implicit testing platform provides results with the highest degree of reliability
  • Access to an expert team that diagnoses the pros and cons of the ad–pinpointing areas of optimization and informing final cuts

How It Works

Subtext SOCIAL quantifies an advertisement’s ability to Engage (Attention & Emotion) and Influence (Memory & Desirability) viewers to accurately predict how the ad will perform in-context within specific social media platforms.

Social Breakthrough Insight

Reveals Stopping Power Within Platform

Reveal how effective an ad is in capturing and holding attention within a social media environment. Uncover viewers’ behavior toward an ad through a combined score of the average percentage the ad was played and the percentage of time the ad was viewed (after 1 second).

Subconscious Impact of Social Ads

Measures Impact on Brand Perceptions with Neuro Insight

Pre and post Implicit Emotional Appeal assesses the subconscious impact on the brand based on exposure to the ad in-context. Implicit Emotional Appeal is a preconscious measure proven to capture the impact of social media ads with as short as 200 – 600  millisecond exposure.

Emotion AI Insights on Social Ads

Uncovers Deeper Consumer Engagement with Emotion AI

Identify the key moments in your ads that change viewer perceptions. Emotion AI measures emotional engagement precisely, using passive data collection. It tracks positive and negative emotions during ad exposure and charts how changes in this emotional journey correlate with Implicit Emotional Appeal toward your brand.


Subtext SOCIAL delivers unparalleled behavioral insights on Engagement and Influence, allowing you to make informed decisions on creative optimization and platform placement. 

Brand Differentiation


  • Which of my digital creative assets will break through in the social media environment?
  • Which of my digital creative assets will captivate viewer attention?


  • Which of my creative assets leaves the strongest memory trace for my brand?
  • Which of my creative assets provides the greatest lift in purchase likelihood for my brand?

Key Measures:

  • Percent of Audience That Stops to Watch
  • Attention Decay Rate by Second
  • Memory Encoding of Brand
  • Lift in System 1 + System 2 Preference of Brand

Add On Measures:

  • Moment-by-Moment Emotional Engagement
  • Emotional Journey of Those with Positive or Negative Implicit Associations
  • Eye Tracking
  • Change in Brand Attribute Associations
  • Change in Implicit Emotional Brand Appeal


Scientific insight into which creative elements of your ads are driving ROAS.

Decay Rate

Decay Rate

Additional Insights:

Change in Implicit Brand Appeal

  • Interaction Percentage
  • Stopping Power
  • Depth of Memory

Lift in Brand Preference

Emotion AI Journey
  • Path of Visual Processing
  • Impact on Brand Attribute Associations
  • Implicit Testing on Influencers

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