Pulse® quantifies the impact of package design on implicit perceptions, emotions & choice.

Pulse uncovers the impact of package design on implicit perceptions, emotions and choice.

Most of our decisions rely primarily on extrinsic cues vs. intrinsic qualities. Design is effective because it communicates and influences implicitly – at the level of subconscious meaning and emotion.

Pulse answers the fundamental questions needed for choosing an effective design.

Uncovering if your package is recognizable. Improving intended perceptions and increasing product demand.


  • Uncover visual salience & memorability by element
  • Reveal differences in implicit perceptions by variation
  • Find relationships between visually-salient elements & implicit product perceptions
  • Show the strength of implicit perceptions generated by current packaging
  • Results of package design changes on current perceptual advantages
  • Impact of changes in package design on explicit liking & emotional appeal
  • Find preference for products relative to competitors
  • Package changes on product preference at a given price with price elasticity
  • Likely sources of volume for the increases/decreases in preference
  • Estimated market impact of various package designs

Pulse answers the fundamental questions needed for choosing a new design.

Recognition & Findability
Measure recognition speed and accuracy, attributable to each design element, as participants try to locate each among competitors.
Impact on Equity
Emotionally-weighted choice design (max-diff + implicit emotion) to measure changes in preference attributable to each design element.
Perceptual Contribution
Measure differences in key implicit and explicit perceptions attributable to each design element.
Design Impact on Purchase Preference
Contribution of each design element to competitive preference and price.

Automation Enables Rapid Behavioral Insights for Real Business Impact

Diageo was able to avoid messaging mistakes to develop meaningful content by automating behavioral science to uncover the true impact of claims. Here are a few key takeaways we were able to learn from implictly testing messages for their brand Johnnie Walker.

"Why do I continue to believe in this? Because some of the stuff we have done has actually shown us aha moments that we wouldn't have got if he had just done them through typical explicit research methodologies."

Jason Chebib VP Consumer Planning of Diageo

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