DOWNLOADEmotion and Rationality: Consumer Hot-State Decision Making

Aaron Reid, Ph.D. & Maria Aroxie Perille

Learn how hot-state behavioral analysis can help better predict consumer behavior.

The white paper “Emotion & Rationality: Understanding Consumer Hot-State Decision Making,” written by Sentient’s Chief Behavioral Scientist Dr. Aaron Reid, discusses the “whys” behind consumer hot-state decision making. This comprehensive analysis better arms managers with insights that will lead to more effective short-term marketing without sacrificing the long-term customer relationship.
  • How to effectively leverage emotion and how to measure its weight in the decision making process
  • How the heightened levels of arousal that define hot-states play a powerful role in consumer decision making
  • Why it’s important for marketers and project managers to understand the dimensions of hot-states

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Emotion and Rationality: Consumer Hot-State Decision MakingAaron Reid, Ph.D. & Maria Aroxie Perille

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