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Who do you love?

For Valentine’s Day, the team at Sentient was curious. What United States brands would score the highest for emotional appeal? To do this we look to behavioral science to help us measure the irrational connections we have towards brands.



Ok Google, show me a human truth.

Ok Google, show me a human truth.

By Aaron ReidFebruary 6, 2020Google’s "Loretta" will end up being one of the most emotionally engaging ads in 2020. The storytelling is so captivating and memorable that viewers sat glued to their screens, willfully letting...

The Sounds of Safety

By Sarah McCannOctober 8, 2019It feels good to be recognized. As ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Market Research) held its annual congress last month, Director General Finn Raben Picked Sentient’s award winning...

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