Emotion AI Picks Winning Game Day Ads: A Webinar on Advertising Performance

By Mia Noble
February 16, 2024

Dr. Aaron Reid presents winning game day ads in Sentient’s annual analysis.

On February 14th, Dr. Aaron Reid hosted a webinar on ad performance and trends of the Big Game. Most Super Bowl ads struggle to be influential because of the importance brands place on entertaining audiences. Dr. Reid explains that while emotional engagement is important, it’s only half of the equation. Successful advertisements rely on two metrics: Engagement and Influence.

This discussion takes the audience through a variety of case studies from BMW to Google—assessing game day creative on its ability to resonate with consumers and subconsciously change their feelings toward a brand. Watch the webinar below to uncover the key marketing principles behind this year’s stand out ads, and learn what others could have done differently to optimize their content.

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Want to dive deeper into how Sentient’s Emotion AI pinpoints the moments responsible for changing attitudes?  Contact us to demo our Emotion AI platform and gain exclusive insight into additional Super Bowl content.

The sensitivity of the Emotion AI is really remarkable. If you had this data as you were optimizing your cut downs for your ads, you could pinpoint the moments that are resonating with your target audience and make sure you don’t lose those in your critical edits. Now that’s the sort of insight we need to optimize this kind of really good creative.

– Dr. Reid

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