Expressive Canvas: A Webinar on Automated Facial Expression Recognition

By Mia Noble
January 23, 2024

Dr. Cyrus McCandless explains how using FACS compliant Emotion AI platforms can provide brands with a game-changing advantage.

Watch Sentient’s first webinar of 2024, “Expressive Canvas: Optimize Creativity with Automated Facial Expression Recognition”, from January 18th. Sentient’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Cyrus McCandless, first provides attendees with an overview of his experience in the field and then dives into past and current research methodologies for understanding advertising efforts—setting the stage for a meaningful discussion on the application of Automated Facial Expression Recognition (AFER) for market research. Within the webinar, McCandless addresses common misunderstandings regarding AFER, explains the technology’s values and limitations, and highlights its utility to brands.

Want to Learn More?

Sentient’s recently published whitepaper  provides an in-depth introduction to the Facial Action Coding System (FACS), explains key considerations when applying FACS technology, and reinforces its value in market research.

This is the key thing. This is what’s been missing for the last 80-100 years of marketing research—understanding how people are responding in real time so that we can understand why our ad had this impact or failed to have this impact.

– Dr. McCandless

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