Evaluating the Performance and Future of Emotion AI

By Mia Noble
March 5, 2024

On Wednesday, February 28th, Dr. Aaron Reid of Sentient Decision Science presented to attendees of the 2024 Quirk’s Event in Dallas, Texas. The event served as a pivotal platform for industry professionals to gather and exchange insights into the latest trends, innovations, and methodologies within the field of market research.

Before delving into the efficacy of Emotion AI, Dr. Reid first previewed the technology—showing an evaluation of Microsoft’s recent ad, “Copilot: Your Everyday AI Companion.” Dr. Reid then provided a brief history of behavioral science within the insights industry, building an argument for a mixed methods approach powered by AI. After conveying the advantage of combining implicit measures with Facial Action Coding, Reid pivoted to the capabilities of Emotion AI.

Covering a variety of case studies, the presentation addressed several important considerations of the tech:

  • Ecological Validity
  • Predictive Validity
  • Reliability
  • Sensitivity
  • Practical Utility

Each advertising example included reinforced the value of Emotion AI and demonstrated its ability to accurately capture the human emotional experience. The presentation concluded with Emotion AI’s potential in future research endeavors, leaving the audience to consider how the technology could change human-machine interaction and the world at large. Watch the full talk below.

The Quirk’s Event: Dallas is a two-day gathering featuring industry professionals in market research, hosted by Quirk’s Media. This year, the event was located at the Renaissance Dallas Addison Hotel— featuring a lively Expo Hall and several presentation rooms. Researchers and vendor partners covered 30-minute speaking sessions on best practices, case studies, demonstrations, and research methodologies.

To learn more about Sentient’s approach and see how our technologies could benefit your brand, contact us to demo our Emotion AI platform.


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