Sentient Labs Collaborates With Amazon Ads to Publish Audio Advertising Best Practices

By Sentient
July 8, 2024

Uncover the sonic elements that engage and motivate listeners in the latest publication from Sentient Labs.

While sound has long been an important aspect to brand identity, the rise of audio streaming has given it new significance. As more and more people turn to audio for storytelling, brands are challenged with entertaining audiences without the use of dynamic visuals or character expressions. So what sonic decisions should creatives make to succeed?

Commissioned by Amazon Ads, the research project behind “Audio Alchemy: The Art and Science of Creating Engaging and Impactful Audio Ads,” involved studying 50 audio ads across 8 industries to provide insights-driven recommendations to audio advertisers.

To accomplish this task, Sentient developed an innovative cognitive-behavioral test for measuring real-time listener engagement. How well this task was performed allowed us to understand which creative elements drove attention.

Key Takeaways:

  • Preview Sentient’s methodology in measuring engagement, brand recall, and purchase intent
  • Learn how tone, background music, brand mentions, and other creative variables impact audio advertising
  • Understand the appropriate creative recommendations for your campaign objectives

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“While this study provides data-driven insights that can help creatives and brands make the most of their “sound” creative strategy, the art lies in the hands (and ears) of the creatives that use these insights to craft audio messages that break through and resonate.”

– Dr. Cyrus H. McCandless, Ph.D.

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