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Sentient Decision Science is a behavioral science based research and consulting firm. Sentient was created to bring the visionary advances from the behavioral sciences to the business community in a practical and accessible form in order to move global business forward. Sentient is a globally recognized pioneer in the development of advanced implicit research technology which taps the consumer subconscious and quantifies the impact of emotion on choice. Our implicit research technology is coupled with deep knowledge on the fundamental drivers of human behavior to provide deep insight and actionable results for our clients.

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ntegrated Decision Support Systems

Brand Tracker Revival: Why Implicit Measures are Vital to Your Brand Tracking Research Framework

Sarah Hecht
Senior Vice President, Sentient Decision Science

My apprenticeship in marketing research started at a global management consulting firm. At the time, I was considered a unique guest at the case team table, a specialist among the…Read More

Measure Consumer Emotions with Non-Conscious Research Technology

How to Measure 26 Consumer Emotions with Non-Conscious Research Technology: Webinar

Imagine the following scene: In the morning, as you stumble half-asleep through the early moments of your day, a thousand sensory events subtly provoke your emotions. Even after that first…Read More

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