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How Sound Can Make or Break the Brand-Consumer Relationship

Is it possible to re-engineer the payment experience to mitigate negativity when we check out? Sentient reveals how sound impacts our feelings towards a purchase at GreenBook’s Insights that Work. This event spotlights the smartest researchers and most creative thinking in consumer insights. Presented by Joe Sauer, SVP, Managing Director, UK & EU at Sentient.



If only you could’ve seen the look on my face.

If only you could’ve seen the look on my face.

Dr. Aaron Reid's commentary from GreenBook’s GRIT Insights Practice Edition 2020 out 01/28/21. But you couldn’t. It was 2020, and I was wearing a mask. If you passed me on the street, and you gave a friendly vibe, you got an...

Behind the Scenes: Making Sentient Expression

Behind the Scenes: Making Sentient Expression

Serving popcorn in pop-up movie theaters in Amsterdam and Austin. Glad handing new and old clients at our booths in London and LA. Giving away movie theater candy from San Antonio to Toronto. At the beginning of 2020, that...

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