Providing insight on which elements in marketing communications draw visual attention.

Sentient Eye Tracking can identify whether specific elements of ads, concepts, or packages attract attention, and illustrates the dynamics of visual processing that influence decision making, including the communication hierarchy of your messages.
Heat maps can also reveal the percentage of people who notice each of the key advertisement elements as well as the frequency and duration of gaze on each design element.

Sentient Eye Tracking is Offered at Three Levels

  1. Central Location and Lab Testing

    Environments Stationary eye tracking tests are best when precision of consumer visual focus on details of marketing communications is paramount, or when coupling eye tracking with biometrics or neuromeasures. It is commonly used for advertising testing, package testing, and concept testing.
  2. Mobile Testing

    Sentient uses mobile eye racking glasses to capture shopper gaze in dynamic environments. Mobile eye tracking is heavy on analysis, but the payoff is unprecedented insight into what is grabbing the attention of consumers and shoppers in-the-moment.
  3. Online Testing

    The precision of online eye tracking is naturally inferior to lab testing environments, yet the method holds advantages in global scalability and efficiency. Depending on your business questions, online eye tracking is often a desirable solution.

Implicit Association Testing

Our implicit research technology is the industry-leading tool for quantifying implicit associations.


Facial Action Coding

A powerful method can help you reveal moment by moment emotion in your advertising.


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