NARRATE™ – Brand Positioning

How can I increase loyalty and share for my brand?

When seeking brand loyalty, we admire companies who have attracted a notable degree of irrational loyalty—after all, irrational loyalty is the most profitable kind. Yet many believe their brand isn’t capable of building the personalization or social currency to achieve this status.

The truth is that any brand CAN build irrational loyalty; it’s just that most marketers don’t have experience applying principles of behavioral science; the prevailing thought being:

“If I focus on the right functional benefits & ‘ladder-up’ to a sufficiently emotional space, my consumers will develop a loyal connection to my brand.”

Unfortunately, what marketers know about consumers hasn’t kept pace with what science knows about humans.

After ten years and access to over 100 million subconscious measures, Sentient’s Subconscious Research Lab has uncovered patterns of cognition and choice that are far more predictive of consumer behavior than the currently accepted marketing practices.

Now, with the ability to “see” the intangible impact of brands, Sentient’s approach takes the fuzziness out of brand strategy, establishing for the first time a measurable connection between equities and performance.

How Our Brand Positioning Model Works

NARRATE is a story-based positioning system translating your brand’s unique basis of attachment into an organizational and cultural narrative. And because it’s based on behavioral science instead of marketing tradition, NARRATE is the first functioning brand positioning model designed to directly impact consumer behavior by:

  • Building irrational loyalty by affirming the self-concept of your brand audience
  • Accelerating social momentum by dramatizing in-group/out-group associations
  • Monetizing product differentiation as a choice-based allegory for an ideological narrative

By leveraging behavioral mechanisms behind irrational loyalty and social momentum, our digital brand storybook works as an internal brief to align innovation, design, and communication around your brand’s advantaged point of difference in the marketplace.

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