EXTEND™ – Brand Extension

How can I improve my innovation success-rate?

Mass brands often find themselves on the waning slope of the s-curve, frustrated by a graveyard of line-extensions, and aiming at new category entry as a way to escape the tyranny of the mature market.

However, for brands seeking this kind of breakthrough extendibility, one of the most confounding dilemmas is to determine:

  • Which aspects of a brand are valuable and should remain constant?
  • Which aspects of a brand are peripheral and should be varied for growth?

As a result, most firms are paralyzed to change anything at all, creating brand guardrails that are little more than descriptions of the current product line, constraining the brand to category growth and squandering the potential for transferable equity; the prevailing belief being:

“By maintaining my recognizable product attributes, I am protecting the equity of my brand.”

Unfortunately, this notion reduces the brand to a product description, and is contrary to the means by which brands create value.

In a landmark study measuring 14,232,430 subconscious responses from 30,341 participants across 113 extensions, the Sentient Subconscious Research Lab uncovered patterns of consumer thought that overturn decades of wrong assumptions about brand extensions, and for the first time, explain the sometimes frustrating mystery of brand “stretch.”

How Our Brand Extension Process Works

EXTEND is a research-based strategic process designed to transform your innovation pipeline–leveraging the behavioral mechanisms of cognition and choice to break free from the constraints of your current product portfolio and increase your brand’s long-term CAGR.

While some highly-extendible brands have achieved marketplace success over decades of trial and error, by applying principles of Sentient EXTEND™, marketers can trade the crystal ball-approach for an extendibility roadmap, confidently entering new high-growth categories and ultimately changing the question, “how extendible is my brand?” to “how is my brand extendible?”

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