Facial action coding captures revealed consumer emotion moment by moment.

Based on Paul Ekman’s foundational work on the universal expression of basic emotions, facial coding has become both a darling of popular media and of serious scientific investigation and advancement.
Facial action coding can be completed by hand from experts trained in the FACS system, or it can be completed by automated systems. While hand coding by FACS experts is more precise, automated facial coding algorithms hold distinct advantages in scalability.
Sentient Expression

Online Facial Action Coding to Measure Emotional Response

As the algorithms and technology continue to improve automated facial coding will close the gap on hand coding. Significant advances have made automated facial coding a viable solution for many applied research questions. Sentient created Sentient Expression® an online facial coding platform to bridge the gap in the automation of measuring the valence of emotional responses experienced during the course of an advertisement.
Coupling Sentient Expression facial action coding with implicit emotional associations within online ad testing provides a scalable and complementary solution. Sentient Expression automated facial coding can provide the moment-by-moment emotional engagement while implicit associations can reveal the discrete emotional association impact of exposure to ads.

Implicit Association Testing

Our implicit research technology is the industry-leading tool for quantifying implicit associations.


Eye Tracking

Sentient’s eye-tracking technology provides insight on which elements in marketing draw visual attention.


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