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Somewhere Over the Rainbow: How Marketers Can Support Pride Month and Avoid Rainbow-Washing

Join us on June 30th to look at Pride Month 2022 advertising. Using Sentient Insights’ emotion intelligence platform, Dr. Aaron Reid will demonstrate how Sentient’s technology pinpoints the emotionally-charged moments and how consumers are influenced after viewing Pride 2022 ads.

Join us at Brandingmag’s Masterclass

Hyundai for their prototypes. Frito-Lay for their packaging. The National Cancer Institute for their ad campaigns. These are just some of the brands whose creatives have adopted neuromarketing as a key step in their processes. Why? Because to make a creative concept bulletproof, you must predict the future and so far, there’s no better crystal ball into consumer behavior than their immediate reactions to external stimuli.

Join us at IIEX North America 2022

Excited to get back on stage, Dr. Aaron Reid CEO and Founder of Sentient will be presenting “The New Normal: The Golden Age of Research Tech is Here” at IIEX NA in Austin. Hosted by GreenBook, IIEX North America is two full days of bringing insights professionals, data scientists, marketers, academics, startups, consumer brands, and data enthusiasts together to discover the future of the insights industry.

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