Subtext™ Advertising Testing

Is our new campaign going to cut through the clutter and capture attention? Will our new creative reinforce our brand strategy? Can we count on an emotional impact to drive sales?


Advertising TestingSubtext is an advanced advertising testing system that leverages the power of implicit research technology to reveal the true impact of your advertising.

Subtext Story™

Use Subtext Story at early-stage creative development to find the strongest message components to guide creative refinement in the storyboarding phase prior to incurring production costs.

Subtext Impact™

Subtext Impact tests pre-market or in-market video to provide diagnostics on whether an ad is capturing attention and delivering the right cognitive and emotional messages within a competitive benchmarking context.

Subtext Copy™

Subtext Copy evaluates traditional direct communications (e.g. email, mail) and digital copy on key components of communication including argument hierarchy, attention, rational justification, and emotional persuasion.

Subtext includes following Sentient’s Seven measures of communication effectiveness:

  1. Benefit Memorability: Benefit memorability measures reveal which features and benefits are most memorable.
  2. Benefit Believability: Benefit believability measures reveal whether consumers believe you can deliver on the promise.
  3. Emotional Reaction: Measures the degree of emotional association attributable to exposure to your advertisement. Facial coding and biometrics provide moment-by-moment emotional reactions.
  4. Rational Justification: Balances emotion and reason, just as consumers balance these components in their minds.
  5. Non-conscious Associations: Captures change in automatic associations with a brand or product following exposure to an ad.
  6. Engagement: Measures the degree of relevance felt to each ad and quantifies the level of involvement.
  7. Attention: Eye-tracking technology provides a detailed record of the duration and the sequence of consumer viewing patterns.

Using Subtext ad testing services to determine if your creative is delivering on the implicit emotions and attributes central to your brand positioning is a critical step along the path of closing the brand positioning/marketing communications loop.

Test Your Ads with Subtext