Feel What They Feel

Sentient’s implicit research products use the most advanced implicit and explicit research techniques, coupled with a fundamentally more accurate model of decision making, to provide deeper insight and more valid forecasts on consumer behavior.

Unlock the relationships between emotion & behavior.

Through our advanced experimental technologies and the expertise of our lab and lead scientists we develop products that quantify emotion. Each Sentient product includes our implicit expertise combining System 1 and System 2 Proportion of Emotion decision-making model providing unparalleled insights into behavior, reducing time, maximizing brand positioning and increasing ROI.



Sonic Pulse

Sonic Pulse® quantifies the impact of sound on implicit perceptions.

Automation Enables Rapid Behavioral Insights for Real Business Impact

Diageo was able to avoid messaging mistakes to develop meaningful content by automating behavioral science to uncover the true impact of claims. Here are a few key takeaways we were able to learn from implictly testing messages for their brand Johnnie Walker.

"Why do I continue to believe in this? Because some of the stuff we have done has actually shown us aha moments that we wouldn't have got if he had just done them through typical explicit research methodologies."

Jason Chebib VP Consumer Planning of Diageo

Brands Using Sentient Products