Behavioral Science for This Moment – IIeX Behavior 2020

By Sarah McCann
July 24, 2020

The Sentient team made a compelling case at IIeX Behavior 2020 for combining social and business metrics to gain a deeper understanding of how advertising can impact inclusivity to a large crowd from around the globe. Debunking the myths of facial action coding and educating attendees on how to diagnose ads with implicit association testing.

Dr. Aaron Reid CEO of Sentient did a deep dive into how the emotional experience of marketing relates to change in implicit perceptions of  brands and even the audience’s feelings towards others. Analyzing P&G’s “The Look”, Facebook’s “Born in Quarantine” and E-Trade’s “Buying the Dips” ability to improve inclusivity.

Sentient’s Stephen Springfield CRO and Sarah Hecht EVP, Managing Director analyzed Uber’s “Wear a mask. Protect each other.” in real time. Dr. Cyrus McCandless VP of Scientific Discovery & Innovation and Dr. Reid spoke about the future of emotional measures and the extent to which facial action coding strengthens our understanding of the human condition. 

It’s Written All Over Your Face. Stephen Springfield and Sarah Hecht educate attendees on how to use facial action coding as a diagnostic tool to improve advertising performance.

Dr. Reid and Dr. McCandless roundtable discussion points out the importance of examining facial expressions. Pointing out that we are now challenged to understand each other in a new world of masks.

Attendees React to Sentient’s Talks

PureSpectrum’s Arianne Larimer, VP talks about Sentient’s presentation and the impact of measuring inclusivity within the MRX industry at our virtual booth.

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