Author: Meghan VH

Anchoring & Adjustment on "Hell's Kitchen"

One of the Sentient Applied Choice Architecture principles is anchoring and adjustment –defined as the influence of an arbitrary number on subsequent judgments of quantity or value (Chapman & Johnson, 2002). In this principle, the value (or “anchor”) serves as a reference point for consumers, and they form their subsequent judgments on value based on […]

Financial Behaviors Index® wins National Media Award

First Command Financial Services has won a 2011 Bulldog Award for Excellence in Media and Public Relations for the Financial Behaviors Index®. Created in 2008 by First Command, the Index is a research initiative that provides timely consumer data to journalists and the news media. The Index assesses trends in the American public’s financial behaviors, […]

Advanced research methods elicit most memorable products of 2010

The results of the 2010 Most Memorable New Product Launch study were recently released, with Apple’s iPad claiming the top spot, followed closely by Microsoft’s Windows 7. Sentient collaborated with Schneider Associates and SymphonyIRI to conduct this study. In a new twist to this annual study, Sentient’s advanced methodologies were used to augment traditional survey […]

Most memorable products: 2010

Sentient recently partnered with Schneider Associates and SymphonyIRI Group to conduct the ninth annual Most Memorable New Product Launch Survey. The results of this study were published on Forbes CMO network (, and can also be accessed at A few brands stuck out in the mass of new products launched between October 2009 and […]

Shattering research myths, changing expectations: Key Insights from the MRA 2010 First Outlook

After recently attending the Marketing Research Association’s (MRA) First Outlook Conference in Orlando, FL, I was excited to come back to the office to relay the current happenings of the market research industry and to implement the new techniques I learned. I participated in an insightful and useful course on data visualization by Naomi B. […]

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