Implicit Association Testing

True Implicit Association Measurement

Implicit association measures were originally developed for stereotype research. Researching biases that people hold against other groups of people faced a classic “can’t say/won’t say” issue: people were loath to admit, or more often, weren’t even aware that they held biases. To address this, social psychologists developed measurement techniques that were not direct, deliberate, controllable self-assessments.

Implicit Association Testing for Brand Tracking

At the turn of the millennium, Sentient’s founder saw this technique as holding potential for research into any cognitive or emotional process that humans were unable or unwilling to articulate through explicit questions. Our pioneering industry applications revealed that implicit association testing was a robust methodology for brand association testing and tracking. Global 2000 companies began to adopt the method and a robust set of marketing applications rapidly revealed itself.

Today, Sentient Prime® implicit association testing is used to measure the impact of the non-conscious on brand perceptions, package evaluations, advertising response, new product concept adoption, shopper in-the-moment emotions and more.

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Sentient Prime is the world’s leading global, mobile, true implicit research platform, with over 100 million subconscious associations measured on thousands of brands, products, packages, advertisement across the globe.

To learn about what qualifies as a true implicit technique, why it matters, and how it can benefit your business, read our case study white paper: Is it Implicit?

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