Measuring Consumer Emotional Arousal with Biometrics

Sentient behavioral scientists are experts in the application of psychophysiological measurement tools to consumer decision-making studies.

In a landmark series of studies from the 2000s, Sentient showed how the measurement of moisture produced in the palms (an often imperceptible measure of arousal) could be used as a quantitative input in consumer choice models to more accurately predict behavior (Reid & Gonzalez-Vallejo, 2009).

Quantifying Arousal with Biometric Measures

In decisions ranging from financial risk to diamond rings to potential dating partners, the emotional response served as a “trade-able quantity,” and when combined with cognitive trade-offs, produced a more valid model of human decision making.

In applied studies, biometrics are used to quantify degrees of emotional arousal to advertising, packaging, and new product concept testing.

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