How Sound Can Make or Break the Brand-Consumer Relationship

By Jeremy Clough
March 23, 2021

Joe Sauer, SVP, Managing Director, UK & EU at Sentient presents new sonic research at GreenBook’s Insights that Work. The event was full of innovative market research case studies and we were excited to present our groundbreaking research on how payment sounds impact the purchase experience. This informative case study provides great takeaways for brands and retail experience managers to consider when approaching the check out.

We make significant investments to deliver memorable and pleasant shopping experiences. However there has been neglect in the final and most memorable moment – payment. Research shows that the consumer payment experience triggers a considerable amount of negative emotion, which tends to have a subconsciously negative effect on perceptions of the brand and desire to undergo the process again. Is it possible to re-engineer the payment experience to mitigate this negativity and transform the low point of the transaction into an emotionally positive one with sound? Yes, it is.

This case studies highlights the work of Sentient’s innovative research product Sonic Pulse.

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Jeremy Clough


SVP Brand & Product Strategy

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