Evidence Based Decision Making – IIeX North America 2020

By Jeremy Clough
September 16, 2020

At the GreenBook IIeX North America event Dr. Aaron Reid shed some light on the current challenges facing traditional opinion-based research methods. Describing how brands are still making important decisions based on the critique from non-experts. Dr. Reid challenged the attendees to start utilizing scientific methods to answer the important research questions we face today.

Presenting evidence on the outcomes of some widely run political ads from the Donald Trump and Joe Biden presidential campaigns. Aaron diagnosed the ads using RAPID Subtext, an automated IAT and Facial Action Coding platform. Taking a deep dive into the performance of Trump’s advertisement “American Comeback” and the Joe Biden ad “Crossroads“, he revealed the emotional appeal of both candidates before and after exposure to the ads and what impact the ad had on attributes like strong, caring and safe.

Watch the full talk below and discover how science can help us expose the real changes our marketing has on an audience.


RAPID Subtext Provides 24 Hour Ad Testing

RAPID Subtext is a fast, affordable ad testing tool that reveals how the emotional experience of your marketing is related to change in implicit perceptions of your brand, helping you diagnose problems and avoid costly mistakes.


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Jeremy Clough


Vice President, Product & Marketing Strategy

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