IIeX NA Panel Discussion: Advances in Behavioral Science

By Jeremy Clough
July 13, 2018

This year’s IIeX NA conference in Atlanta, Greenbook’s flagship event, was the biggest and arguably the best yet.  Insightful presentations and panel discussions were held over the course of 3 days with over 240 speakers sharing their knowledge, best practices, and innovative new tools with other industry professionals.  If you missed the conference or just missed the panel on Advancements in Behavioral Science, moderated by Dr. Aaron Reid, founder of Sentient Decision Science, you can watch it now!  Joining the discussion is Michelle Gansle from Mars, Will Leach from TriggerPoint, Elina Halonen of Irrational Agency and Scott von Lutcken from Merck.


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Jeremy Clough


Vice President, Product & Marketing Strategy

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Sentient puts WOW! into research and inspires IIeX EU

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