CMO Club Roundtable – The Science of Knowing Your Customer’s Emotions

By Jeremy Clough
November 11, 2020

In these unprecedented and historic times, understanding and respecting your customers’ feelings has never been more important—or possible. Behavioral science is now a top research tactic used to give brands the ability to understand how customers actually feel. Beyond what 20th century surveys and focus groups provide, CMOs can now uncover social sensitivities, improve inclusivity and measure trends to confirm, with scientific certainty, a message is right for the moment.

Dr. Aaron Reid takes CMOs through the measures needed to understand and capture what your customers feel at a recent CMO Club Roundtable. Using science not opinions to measure the real relationship brands have with their customers. Aaron describes how to solve these three problems that CMOs face today.

  1. Understanding how your marketing resonates emotionally with your customers.
  2. Avoiding brand damage before launching a campaign in these socially sensitive times.
  3. Reducing implicit bias in advertising.

Watch the video for case study examples that illustrate how automated behavioral science can predict what customers will actually do and how CMOs are adopting these measures to quantify the emotional impact of their advertising.


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Jeremy Clough


Vice President, Product & Marketing Strategy

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