Who do you love?

By Jeremy Clough
February 14, 2020

Here at Sentient, we are SWEET on advertising. We spend a lot of time searching, gazing and experiencing the effects of all kinds of ads. Great advertising has the ability to touch our hearts, stimulate our minds and ultimately make us feel something. When we have repeated experiences with brands we sometimes fall in love because they’re so good at creating emotional connections.

With all the sweets in the office for Valentine’s Day, the Sentient team was curious: which sweet brands are the most beloved in the US?

Drawing from the Sentient Prime® database five sweet brands were among the most implicitly desirable.


Breyers Ice Cream


Breyers Ice Cream


Dove Chocolate


Dove Chocolate


Dove Chocolate

These brands score high on emotional appeal for the deeply positive automatic associations they trigger in our minds. The taste of a product and how that flavor makes us feel creates an emotional experience, at the time of consumption, that imbues on the brand impression being formed in our minds. Just as jam without pectin or chocolate without cooking wax might never set, might never become solid, something we can hold, something we can taste, we can consume —an experience without an emotion may never become a deeply set memory. Emotion ”sets” our memories, and that powerful emotional occurs with each delicious bite. Without it, the memory just melts and flows away, lost.

The brands in this list conjure up feelings of nostalgia and playfulness. Nostalgia plays an important role, making a powerful impact on the brand. It reinforces our affection through fond memories of our childhood, like remembering the first time an M&M melted in your mouth, not in your hand.

Being sweet goes a long way!

Sample an Emotional Appeal exercise with these brands using Sentient Prime to experience an implicit study like the one used for generating this list. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Jeremy Clough


Vice President, Product & Marketing Strategy

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