What We Know About Advertising During the COVID-19 Crisis

By Sarah McCann

Some highlights of recent research on the advertising industry during the coronavirus pandemic are summarized in the infographic below. Take a look at these data, revealing how brands are approaching the crisis and how consumer’s are feeling about being social again.

What we know about advertising during the COVI-19 crisis.



Creative Marketing Associate

Measures That Matter for This Moment

Measures That Matter for This Moment

By Aaron ReidJuly 20, 2020I remember cringing when I heard it. Some early leaders in the “neuromarketing” space were dodging the ethics question facing behavioral science, by arguing that these techniques were fine to use for influencing toothpaste...

Examining Extremes

Examining Extremes

By Jeremy CloughJuly 2, 2020Anyone who’s spent significant time in consumer insights, decision science, or behavioral science has probably executed or commissioned a Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) research project. But no one currently working in these...



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