Which Brands Will Win Big on Oscar Night?

By Jeremy Clough
April 21, 2021

The current spend for a 30 second ad at the Oscars is 2 million dollars. Can these brands break through the glitz and glam to capture consumer emotion and create influence?

Sentient is joining The CMO Club to present how science not opinions are helping CMO’s pick real ad winners. Sentient is surveying over 800 people to capture their implicit emotions towards advertisers before and after the Oscars. Revealing why some ad messaging works and some does not work, by uncovering how it subconsciously impacts how we feel towards the brand.

Sentient will diagnose the Oscars advertising impact to reveal what ad exposure had the most effective impact on the brand. Sentient will present the research exclusively to The CMO Club April 28th and will award the brand that had the most positive subconscious impact at the Oscars. The 93rd Academy Awards are airing this Sunday, April 25 on ABC and other streaming services.

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Jeremy Clough


SVP Brand & Product Strategy

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