How Do We Overcome Implicit Biases?

By Aaron Reid
October 13, 2017
Dr. Aaron Reid founder of Sentient Decision Science discusses how to overcome implicit biases. In this interview Dr. Reid is asked how to overcome negative implicit bias. He discusses that motivation and opportunity are important steps for making a positive change.

You can overcome negative implicit bias by giving yourself opportunity to reflect on what is generating the feelings you are having as you are interacting with people.
Motivating yourself to choose a different course of action than what your negative implicit bias might choose for you.
Dr. Aaron Reid has a Ph.D. in behavioral science with a focus on uncovering and understanding emotion.
You can see Dr. Aaron Reid at the Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC) on October 16, 2017 in Chicago, IL. Dr Reid will be giving a talk on Making social and business impact by taking on implicit bias.

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Aaron Reid


Founder & CEO, Sentient Decision Science, Inc.



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