Dr. Reid Provides Commentary on the End of Behavioral Science MRX Trade-Offs Between Efficiency & Validity in GRIT Insights Practice Report

By Sarah McCann
March 15, 2022

Sentient’s CEO and Founder Dr. Aaron Reid provides commentary on the rise of Behavioral Science research approaches in the latest GreenBook GRIT Insights Practice report. The report touches on the evolution of the market research industry and highlights leading brands and insights professionals. 

 With the adoption of new methods accelerating, we should feel confident as an Industry that we are practicing on the true frontier of behavioral science. The evidence from this latest GRIT Report indicates that our Industry is systematically democratizing access to scientific insight on the drivers of human behavior. An impact at that level holds the potential to increase empathy for the human

condition.” -Dr. Aaron Reid

This report in particular reveals how the COVID-19 pandemic jolted the transformation of the insights industry. Sentient is proud to be a part of this publication and excited to see the transformation of the research industry in upcoming years. Read Dr. Reid’s commentary and download full report here. 

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