Consumer Behavior Research: The Future of Marketing Can be Found Today

By Sentient Decision Science, Inc.
May 12, 2014
Henry Ford and Steve Jobs famously eschewed market research because they felt it couldn’t reveal what consumers wanted if the consumers themselves didn’t really know.
“If I had asked consumers what they wanted, they would have told me a faster horse,” quipped Ford.
In part, he was right. However, the game has changed with the entrance of behavioral science in market research. Now consumer behavior researchers are armed with tools that enable us to access the subconscious drivers of behavior in ways we’ve never seen before.
Watch Dr. Reid present the fundamental and enduring truth that “the future of marketing can be found today in the behavioral science literature.”
The Pride Behind Pride at IIEX Behavior

The Pride Behind Pride at IIEX Behavior

Dr. Aaron Reid, CEO of Sentient Decision Science, presented at the IIEX Behavior Conference recently discussing the importance of how the company's implicit testing is the true and profitable way to evaluate the market effectiveness of an...



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