Measuring Inclusivity in Advertising at IIEX Forward 2020

By Jeremy Clough
June 18, 2020

Dr. Reid explains how to combine business and social KPIs into insights that matter in this Masterclass “Avoid the Damage of Advertising Missteps in This Moment.” at IIEX FORWARD 2020.

Researchers today can’t simply ask questions and count on the answers to predict behavior or be culturally sensitive. Insight divisions need more accurate measures of business and social impact. And we need them even faster than before to avoid disastrous mistakes.

Automated behavioral science can provide the critical consumer emotion and cultural sensitivity metrics needed for success in today’s market. By uncovering the subtext of your ads you can communicate the messages that have the greatest business and social impact.

This masterclass provides insight into how the emotional experience of your marketing is related to change in implicit perceptions of your brand. Dr. Reid analyzes P&G’s “The Look” and Facebook’s “Born in Quarantine” which produced amazing insights into how these advertisements improve inclusivity after exposure.

Watch this IIEX FORWARD Masterclass and learn how to diagnose problems and avoid costly marketing mistakes.

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Jeremy Clough


Vice President, Product & Marketing Strategy

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