How Hot-States Influence the Consumer Decision Making Process

What is hot-state consumer decision making? How does visceral decision making impact marketing, and how can marketers maximize pleasure and minimize pain while leveraging consumer hot-states during the consumer decision-making process?

In the white paper “Emotion & Rationality: Understanding Consumer Hot-State Decision Making,” Sentient’s Chief Behavioral Scientist Dr. Aaron Reid discusses the drivers of hot-state decision making from a market research perspective.

Since consumers are often in a hot-state when they make the decision to purchase a given product, it is essential marketers and product managers understand the dimensions of hot-states and how their products and brands align in order to better predict consumer behavior.

This white paper will help you understand more about the consumer decision-making process. It discusses:

  • How quantifying differing degrees of arousal can accurately predict how consumers will behave in a hot-state
  • Why it’s essential for marketers to understand the dimensions of hot-state marketing
  • How inducing short-term arousal via highly targeted messaging can benefit your long-term business goals
  • Which psychophysiological research methods are suited for revealing consumer emotion

Understanding which attributes evoke hot-state emotions has profound implications for market research.

So, how can you leverage emotional cues to evoke consumer hot-states in your marketing? Download, “Emotion and Rationality: Understanding Consumer Hot-State Decision Making” to find out.

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