Implicit testing

Implicit testing measures the impact of the non-conscious perceptions and emotions towards brands, packages, advertising and concepts.

Implicit association measures were originally developed for stereotype research. Researching biases that people hold against other groups of people faced a classic “can’t say/won’t say” issue: people were loath to admit, or more often, weren’t even aware that they held biases. To address this, social psychologists developed measurement techniques that were not direct, deliberate, controllable self-assessments.
Sentient has invested over a decade of applied scientific research to develop Sentient Prime, a leading-edge implicit association technology to empower researchers to tap the consumer subconscious.
Sentient Prime® is a true implicit research platform, with over 500 million subconscious associations measured on thousands of brands, products, packages and advertisement across the globe. To learn about what qualifies as a true implicit technique, why it matters, and how it can benefit your business, read our publication: Is it Implicit?
Uncover more about the capabilities of our implicit association platform or create an implicit study in minutes.

Facial Action Coding

A powerful method can help you reveal moment by moment emotion in your advertising.


Eye Tracking

Sentient’s eye-tracking technology provides insight on which elements in marketing draw visual attention.


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