Validate Production Costs with Subconscious Measures

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Sentient helped Hershey’s measure emotion at the early stages of the creative process to validate future production costs. Using a combination of implicit measurements made it easier to make decisions on campaign concepts by testing animatics at a lower cost. Using eye tracking, facial coding and implicit association testing combined helped to reveal the strength of the creative concepts. The video example shown helps tell the story of the ads effectiveness. Revealing the strength of valence within the ad concept second by second and exposing key areas of focus with a heatmap.

Hershey's Memory Encoding example.



Hershey's Memory Encoding example.
Click above to view Memory Encoding example.

Our Testing Approach

Sentient used Subtext ® to combine advanced implicit measures to test animatics used to depict creative concepts at the early stages of development. Sentient was able to diagnose potential story issues that helped to validate the production costs through normative data scoring.

Our Implicit Impact

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