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Sentient Decision Science uncovered in a recent claims study for Diageo’s Johnnie Walker that when you implicitly measure the behavioral impact of claims you can be more predictive of “apparent” marketplace irrationalities. Diageo understands the importance of implicitly testing messages to avoid potential costly marketing mistakes. Using our product Affirm we were able to measure the emotional changes in preference with different claims to pick winning messages that improve branding. Here are a few key takeaways from the study.

"Why do I continue to believe in this? Because some of the stuff we have done has actually shown us aha moments that we wouldn't have got if he had just done them through typical explicit research methodologies."

Jason Chebib VP Consumer Planning of Diageo

It Pays to Be The Best

We learned human beings like the best thing. Being the best at something matters to us when we need to make a choice.
Being the best matters/



Being the best matters/
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When there are multiple products in a brand portfolio, broad promotional messages halo to the portfolio whereas product specific messages are more likely to cannibalize. Claims that referred to the brand as full flavored whisky actually benefited their competitor, Jack Daniel’s.

Products claims that are too functional can cannibalize the brand.



Products claims that are too functional can cannibalize the brand.
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Avoid Functional Claims

Products claims that are too functional can cannibalize the brand. When you make a claim more at the level of a brand it can have a halo effect.

Uncovering this knowledge was key to brand messaging success. Diageo was able to avoid messaging mistakes to develop meaningful content that helped to benefit the brand and educate the researchers on how to navigate the development of future claims.

Our Implicit Impact

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