Sentient Prime® Implicit Research Technology

Global and mobile, Sentient Prime has measured hundreds of millions of subconscious associations with products, packages, concepts, brands, advertising, and more. Built on more than a decade of applied scientific research and development, our leading-edge technology empowers market researchers to understand the consumer non-conscious with greater insight than has ever been possible.

Unprecedented Access to the Consumer Subconscious on a Global Scale

Sentient Prime provides instant market research insights to help you better predict consumer behavior. Using Sentient Prime, you can set up your own implicit research studies in minutes to reveal consumer emotional and cognitive associations for:

  1. Select test type

    Select the test to run

    • Brand positioning
    • Package or product testing
    • Advertising testing
    • Concept testing
  2. Select attributes and emotions

    Select attributes & emotions to measure

    Attributes and Emotions
    • Refreshing
    • Cool
    • High-Quality
    • Pride
    • Happiness
    • Boredom
  3. Create your study!

    Push the “create study” button

    Begin collecting your true subconscious data.

Sentient Prime automatically generates a scientifically valid implicit research design and provides you with a link that can be distributed to collect subconscious association data from your audience of interest. Once you begin collecting data, you’ll have immediate access to the implicit insights populating your online graphic dashboard.

Get a feel for true implicit research at no cost.

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