Concept Testing

New Product Launch Testing Suite

Our Product Launch Pulse series answers critical launch questions by optimizing product concepts and pricing. We provide actionable insight to answer:

  • Which of your new product concepts has the greatest appeal to consumers?
  • How can you optimize features and benefits of your next generation product?
  • How much is the market willing to pay for your new product?

Concept Pulse™ for Early-Stage Product Development

Concept Pulse reveals concepts with the greatest emotional and reason-based appeal. Studies use Sentient Prime® implicit research technology to communicate non-conscious associations with product features and quantify the emotional response to concepts. Results reveal whether a concept has potential for market success by measuring:

  • Benefit believability
  • Emotional reaction
  • Rational justification
  • Degree of preference

Grounded in Sentient’s Proportion of Emotion model, our product performance forecasts are a more predictive model of potential market success and provide distinct diagnostics on how the concept should be developed for optimal marketplace success.

Product Pulse™ for Later Stage Product Development

Product Pulse is used to optimize new product features according to what consumers value most. Studies use Sentient Prime implicit research technology to quantify emotional response to key features and combine results from a choice-based conjoint study at the individual level in a single predictive optimization algorithm.

The Proportion of Emotion model, used in combination with genetic search algorithms, produces the industry’s leading implicit emotional and reason-based product optimization results. A quantitative market simulator enables you to optimize for revenue, profit, or units sold.

Price Pulse™ for Late Stage Product Development

Price Pulse is used to optimize pricing according to product configurations. Studies quantify price-premium levels and specific lift in price-premium attributable to each product feature.

Results include demand curves and market simulators to empower you to input per-unit costs and optimize for revenue, profit, or units sold.

Test Your Product Concepts