Brand Tracking

Brand tracking has suffered from the realization that traditional conscious measures alone produce flat-line, non-differentiating measures that are not predictive of sales.

Because the brand tracker sits at the center of the decision support system of businesses, this has been a critical failure by the marketing research community tasked to quantify the importance of brands to overall business health and to accurately diagnose brand health issues.

“In business and marketing management, the brand tracker is the work horse of the decision support system, the precursor to action and an authoritative measure of achieving brand positioning goals.”

– Sarah Hecht, Senior Vice President, Sentient Decision Science, Inc.

Integrated Decision Support System

Fortunately, quantitative implicit measurement of brand equity coupled with more accurate models of consumer decision-making have made brand tracking relevant again.

Sentient Brand Tracking

Brand TrackingSentient Brand Tracking incorporates advanced implicit and explicit measures of brand attribute associations and quantifies the degree of emotion inherent in the brand. A decade of research and development on the fundamental perception of brands and their financial performance in the marketplace reveals that an implicit connection to the sense of self is a missing component in today’s brand health metrics.

Once we have completed foundational work on a brand’s current position, and the drivers of brand equity with a category have been identified, the Sentient Brand Tracker systematically measures performance on key drivers over time.

This quantitative longitudinal data is modeled against sales performance data within a competitive context, removing variability attributable to promotion tactics and non-brand related levers, to isolate the impact and value of your brand’s contribution to financial performance.

Benchmarking your brand’s equity against the Sentient database provides the context you need to interpret your performance relative to competition. Tracking brand perceptions consistently over time ultimately closes the brand positioning/marketing communications loop.

Track Your Brand's Health